Belgian Presidency and European Commission hold major conference on a sustainable bio-economy

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14 September 2010

The Belgian Presidency, together with the European Commission, holds today in Brussels a conference on building a Knowledge based Bio-Economy. The European bio-economy is estimated to be worth over € 2 trillion, employing around 22 million people, and the prospects for further growth are promising. Senior scientists, stakeholders and European and national policy makers take are discussing the drivers of the Bio-Economy and the research and innovation requirements to build the Bio-Economy.

Bio-economy in Flanders

Minister for Science and Innovation Ingrid Lieten states that European regions and member states such as Flanders are taking action to implement the bio-economy in a public private partnership with stakeholders. The chemical industry in Flanders has launched a strategy for greening industrial processes and production from the newly set-up Belgian SusChem platform. SMEs and research centres developing innovative second generation technologies for an improved Bio-economy join forces in the Flemish CINBIOS/FlandersBio network.

Flanders is also engaged in cross-country collaborations. Within the 21 million euro INTERREG project Biobase Europe shared by Flanders, Zeeland, and the European Commission, an open access industrial biotechnology pilot plant is to open its doors to pre-industrial innovation projects in October 2010. Alongside the conference, an exhibition of selected bio-based products ranges from food and feed to the prototype of the first bio-based tyre, a collaboration between European and US industry.

You can download the full press release as PDF below.

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