EWI Review 11 puts the spotlight on the Belgian EU presidency

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8 September 2010

Out now: EWI-Review 11

The new EWI Review magazine n° 11 is now available. This time we put the spotlight on the Belgian EU presidency. The twelfth Belgian presidency of the European Union is now at the half-way stage. Within the framework of competencies agreed by the different Belgian governments, Flanders and the Flemish administration are playing an important role in this presidency. And so a Flemish star is shining brightly in the European firmament. By the same token, the European constellation is also helping to illuminate the path which Flanders needs to follow. Reason enough to give the Flemish contribution to the EU presidency – viewed in particular from the perspective of the EWI policy domain – a central place in this edition of the EWI Review.

Discover the latest edition at the EWI Review website, where you can download the magazine, subscribe for free and check the archive.

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What is EWI Review?

EWI Review is the quarterly magazine of the department of Economy, Science and Innovation (EWI) of the Flemish government. Each edition explores a central theme which is of current relevance to the economy, science and innovation policy domain, but also to society at large. Both internal and external experts contribute to the issue. A number of fixed rubrics complete the new EWI Review.

EWI Review is available in Dutch and English.

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