Funding of R&D

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At the European Summit in Barcelona (March 2002), the Heads of State or Government decided on the objective of increasing total R&D expenditure (GERD) to 3% of GDP (gross domestic product) in the EU (the “3 % objective”) by the year 2010.


As an additional objective, they decided that one-third of R&D expenditure should be publicly funded, with the other two-thirds coming from the business community. This target was one of the headlines of the Lisbon Strategy from 2000. Flanders translated this objective within the Flemish context through the so-called Innovation Pact. This pact was signed in March 2003, and it contains a formal engagement by all the actors involved in the Flemish research and innovation landscape to jointly reach this 3% objective by means of complementary efforts.

Chapter 2 Funding of R&D

  • Introduction

  • GERD

  • BERD

  • Non-BERD


  • Estimate calculation method for publicly financed R&D intensity (1% objective)

  • The EU Framework Programma for Research and Innovation - Horizon 2020

  • EU Regional Policy Fund (ESIF) and R&D&I support


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