STI system in Flanders

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Flanders is an autonomous region located in the northern part of Belgium.


While certain policy domains remain exclusively federal, other domains have largely bene transferred to either the Communities or the Regions. The latter is the case for the Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) domain: in terms of legislation and budget, scientific research is mainly a community competence, whereas innovation is almost completely a regional competence.

Chapter 1: Science, Technology and Innovation system in Flanders

  • Competencies in the field of  science, research and innovation

  • General orientations of Flemish STI policy

  • Flanders, centre of innovation

  • Instruments and actors of Flemish STI policy

  • Main research and innovation performers

  • Overview of the various actors in the STI domain in Flanders

  • Flanders in the international STI field

  • Smart Specialisations in Flanders


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